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Happy birthday. This is the day you came into the world. A day to celebrate you. But it doesn't just belong to you. There is a flip side to every birthday that belongs to a mother - the story of the months and then the hours leading to the moment you arrived. This day, while yours from here into the future, stands still for her, indelibly etched, unforgettable.
Do you know your story? Growing up we don't tend to dwell on these things. But motherhood gives a unique perspective, like an opaque mirror; her on one side, you on the other. In the lead up to the birth of my little sister's baby boy, I was thinking about this a lot. How every baby is carried differently, each pregnancy with its own quirks - a craving for bananas and toasted cheese sandwiches, debilitating nausea, carrying high, carrying low, carrying wide, back ache, head ache, no sleep, a sleep pillow, new marks on your body, the sudden appearance of veins just below the surface of your skin, the fluttering of som…

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